Andrew Friedman

We met with Will to discuss the sale of my parents' home in Bowie. They are moving to a retirement community. Will came extraordinarily prepared. He was up front, honest and candid. He was very easy to talk with. He came prepared with research info on comparable sales, his Realtor stats and gave us a realistic view on what we could get for the house, along with an idea of the work that might need to be done for a top dollar price. He offered to help in any way he could which included using his contractor for some of the work. We would have sold the house through Will, except for the fact that a previous associate offered to purchase the house "as is" and by owner only. Will still offered his assistance and expertise which made the process move much more smoothly for us had we been completely on our own. Will is fair, honest, helpful, easy to work with, and highly motivated. I would recommend him in a heart beat.