LaTasha Houston

I am not one to do reviews, however, with the EXCEPTIONAL service I received from Belair Realty I felt nothing less than compelled to write one right away and it has not been a full 24 hours since my house has gone to closing. Will was recommended to me by a previous realtor I worked with, due to the uniqueness of my situation. I relocated due to a job transfer and Will Stein was very instrumental in me getting my house sold quickly. Both my agency’s relocation company and I agreed that he is an amazing realtor!!! He was very knowledgeable and professional. His staff was as well. Once Will was given my information, he called me right away. The next day he had a comparative analysis for me. Conveniently, Will met me at my house to see and discuss my house. He went over all the paperwork with me in laymen terms and made a few recommendations for me to get done before my house going on the market. Very inexpensive and easy but made all the difference. He was patient with me regarding my timeframe of getting the work and recommendations done. He also helped me find great contractors to do the work and get it done quickly. The first day my house went on the market, it had over 100 views on Zillow and over 8 showings. In the next couple of days, I had over 200 viewings on Zillow and over 50 showings. Clearly, his marketing techniques were through the roof. By the end of the week (the day of open house), I had over 800 viewings on Zillow, 70 or more showings, AND an offer on my home for full price. Full price in a week!!! I am more than certain that his expertise coupled with his marketing techniques, staging approach, and extensive research were absolutely the reason I received 2 great deals within a week. He was energetic and reachable throughout the entire process: phone calls, emails, even texts. Even when I would go against things he would recommend, he would attentively listen to my concern and help me come up with a solution that was best for me and my needs. He was never forceful, overly persuasive, or rude and all of his responses were backed by facts and research. He was great with helping negotiate, even when the first buyer backed out unexpectedly. He was awesome in keeping my agency’s relocation company and me in the loop and helping me to make a decision on how to move forward. He immediately jumped on it and started negotiating with the second offer right away. Before the closing of my home, I moved to my new home/job. Will made sure I was locked into a contract and continued to stay on top of things while keeping me informed EVERY STEP OF THE WAY until my house went to closing!!! He was extremely reliable and took care of everything without putting the burden/stress on me to deal with. He made my transition of selling one house, focusing on buying another house 10 hours away, and moving with a toddler and 1 on the way a breeze. Belair Realty will not disappoint!!!!!