Nanyoung Baer

I can't think of one bad thing to talk about Will. As a realtor, he really considers the job as his passion and performs very professionally. I was amazed at how well he manages his time between juggling his role as a husband, father, firefighter, and a realtor. I'm sure he also does a lot more than I mentioned here, but as my realtor, he was ALWAYS early and prompt. ALWAYS made time quickly for me to check out my favorite homes. and NEVER forgot to ask me if I had any questions. If I did have questions, he explained his answers easy enough for a first time home buyer like me to understand. Especially the financial side of things that get pretty confusing at times. My husband and I were very appreciative of the "little things" he did such as bringing coffee for us without any notice when going for our home viewings, or always arriving at a home much earlier than we did with the printouts of each home we were getting ready to see in plastic paper protector neatly placed in a 3 ring binder. We felt special and saw how much he really loves his job and takes it seriously. He is knowledgeable in this field of business and very trustworthy. He will get things done. He will be your voice. Will not only helped me buy my home but will be managing my other property. He knows what he's doing and we trust his judgements. My husband and I would recommend Will Stein to anyone who is in need of a highly talented realtor and we can vouch for him.