Sharon McClary

AWESOME Realtor!!!!! I checked the reviews of the realtors online and was very impressed with the reviews I saw for Will Stein. I could not get in touch with him right away but I am so glad that I persisted (wrong number?). When I met him, I met a confidant, intelligent, personable and knowledgeable young man. He has a quiet demeanor but make no mistake; he is a consummate businessman with great marketing skills. He made suggestions, took care of minor repairs, did a little rearranging and added some finishing touches. My husband and I had to travel a lot once we found Will and he assured us we were in good hands and would be able to close even if we were out of state. The first time I came home after he staged the house, I was floored by the arrangements. The house looked so appealing; I wanted to buy it again. We had a buyer within a week of the Open House! This buyer did not work out down the line but due to Will’s immediate action, we had another buyer within a week after we terminated that contract. WOW! The closing was delayed due to unforeseen complications on the buyer’s end but, Will, made sure we were compensated for the delay. Little note: If you don’t hear from him as often as you would like, know that he is working feverishly in the background on the buying/selling of your house. He is the consummate professional, very polite and patient even if you are a pain in the neck. I highly recommend him. He exceeded our expectations and negotiated a great price for our house!