William Hutson

Will Stein is the consummate professional real estate broker. As sellers, we had our home on the market for more than a year, both as a FSBO and with another agent, with relatively few showings and a couple of weak or contingent offers. We found Will’s name through an online service one day, and before the day was over Will had already contacted us. Over the phone he sounded energetic, polished, and deeply competent (having already studied our current listing, and also conveying a strong sense for the neighborhood and the surrounding market). He quickly laid down the next steps needed in a simple and straightforward manner, and sent us the papers that needed to be executed. Yet, he gave no sense at all of pushiness. Noteworthy for us, as we were releasing another seller agent from a prior listing agreement, at no time did Will make the slightest hint of professional pride or make any disparaging remarks about the other agent. In fact, he did just the opposite, acknowledging the other agent’s well known and earned capabilities, and suggesting instead that the age of the listing could have been the cause of the weak showings. This professional refinement and genuine courtesy of Will’s told us that he had sound character and high integrity. There is something confidence boosting in this sort of demeanor. In short order, our home was back on the market, staged carefully and economically by Will, with a few inexpensive minor improvements (painting of the garage, which Will took care of), and was receiving increased showings. At offer time, Will again showed his experience and wisdom. He helped us navigate the terms of the agreement, and gave us accurate forecasts on how quickly the deal would close. He made this part of the process easy and painless. Financially, we were not disappointed in the least. Just a few last points. Beyond his depth of experience and knowledge, and his impeccable integrity and character, Will also has a very pleasant personality. Calm, friendly, steady, and quick, yet always ready to take as much time as needed to explain the technical or negotiating matters of real estate. Will is also always punctual and highly responsive, whether the contact needed is in person, over the phone, email, or texting. In fact, there were several cases where he had anticipated the next round of questions we were beginning to form, pre-empting our call; he had formed a well written email laying out his thoughts and our options. A truly remarkable anticipation. I have high confidence that you will get the same level of treatment from Will. He’s a steady, substantial, solid professional. He has clearly earned his strong reputation, and we would unhesitatingly retain him again as our agent, either as buyer or a seller.