Kiel Tilley

I cannot say enough how happy my wife and I were with Will, and everyone that works for and with him. We went the solo route in looking at houses and came across the complete range of competency with the realtors arriving to show properties. After about 10 homes, we decided to research and pick a realtor to move forward with and Will was the top rated in our area. We found out really quick why. The first round of houses he created a "commute temperature map" for my wife and I, as I work in DC and my wife in Baltimore. The map showed just were to focus so each of our commutes was minimal, keeping our desired areas in mind. That was HUGE. House by house, Will walked through and used his experience and insight to point out what we missed, point out future expenditures and things we never considered. He was a home inspector-lite. I can't say enough how much of a help that was. Once our contract was accepted (without getting too detailed, Will was incredible in the submission), everyone Will brought in from his team was the best- from the home inspector to the title company. Every step of the way Will and his team worked, and fought at times, for everything we needed- and we got it. I cannot recommend his services enough. His professionalism, his experience, his work ethic and availability is something you rarely see in any business, and unmatched in realty. 5 stars is actually an understatement.